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Ashley has trained horses since she was 14 years old. She has started many young horses and ponies.  She has put great flat work basics on many young horses, has taught countless horses to jump, and has guided horses to compete at their first horse shows. Additionally, she has guided more seasoned horses to compete on the "A" circuit.  Ashley has shown horses from baby greens to the first year greens.

Ashley has been able to work with many trainers throughout the country to learn from some of the best professionals.  She has taken what she has learned and has put the knowledge towards creating a training program which will keep horses happy while developing their talent and making them successful.   

Ashley's training is simple: give a horse good balance and flat work and he will be successful both on the flat and over jumps. Ashley fully  believes in happy horses and trying to figure out what best suits each horse.  Like people, each horse has their own personality and it is up to us as riders to be able to understand each horse.  In doing this, horses become more willing to give their rider their best effort.

At Hunter Hill Farm, we offer training by the week.  The fee for a week of training is $100.  This includes 4 to 5 rides by Ashley.  If you would like to trade one professional ride for a lesson, Ashley will substitute one ride per week for a lesson for you and your horse. 

Fees for single rides: $30

Fees for training/week: $100

Fees for riding at horse shows: $50/day

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